EMBOSS explorer


Plots a cladogram- or phenogram-like rooted tree diagram (read the manual)

Unshaded fields are optional and can safely be ignored. (hide optional fields)

Input section
Fontfile name
Phylip tree file:
Additional section
Output section
Tree grows horizontally?
Tree style output
Plotter or printer the tree will be drawn on
Previewing device
Use branch lengths from user trees?
Angle of labels (0 degrees is horizontal for a tree growing vertically)
Automatically rescale branch lengths?
Centimeters per unit branch length
Depth of tree as fraction of its breadth
Stem length as fraction of tree depth
Character height as fraction of tip spacing
Position of interior nodes
Horizontal margin (cm)
Vertical margin (cm)
Horizontal margin (pixels) for Rayshade output
Vertical margin (pixels) for Rayshade output
Paper width
Paper height
Number of trees across height of page
Number of trees across width of page
Horizontal overlap (cm)
Vertical overlap (cm)
Run section
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