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Local multiple alignment of sequences (read the manual)

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Input section

Select an input sequence. Use one of the following three fields:

  1. To access a sequence from a database, enter the USA here:
  2. To upload a sequence from your local computer, select it here:
  3. To enter the sequence data manually, type here:
Additional section
Nucleic acid sequence alignment mode
Also consider the reverse complement?
Use overlap weights
Clustering method to construct sequence tree
Maximum fragment length
Consider only N-fragment pairs that start with two matches?
Consider only P-fragment pairs if first amino acid or codon pair has similarity score of at least n
Use iterative score?
Threshold for considering diagonal for alignment
Output section
Replace unaligned characters by stars '*' rather then putting them in lowercase?
Activate writing of stars instead of numbers?
Put up to n stars '*' instead of digits 0-9 to indicate level of conservation
Output sequence format
Run section
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